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How do I join?

The way most people get involved with Kings Ski Club is by racing in the Leagues... but don't let the word "racing" put you off! You don'thave to be an experienced racer by any means - but it does help if you can at least make it down a dry slope on skis or a board without falling too often. Loads of people who come along on the first night have NEVER raced before!

Its far more about taking part, having fun... and probably getting soaking wet - either because its not unusal for the races to happen when the weather is less than brilliant - or because of the affectionate joshing by members of opposing teams manifested by soaker guns and water bombs!

Memebership is by affiliation. There's an affiliation fee payable at the start of every season (which runs 1 October - 30 September) and then there are race entry fees for racing at each round which includes the cost of ski rental. Check out the detalis here.

Most racers come from teams from the universities around the UK and Wales... Scottish unis are always welcome, and from time to time we've tried to run leagues to welcome them... but they are generally blessed with the opportunity to race on the real thing (snow!) and have well-established events of their own :-( so they tend not to play too often!

KINGS IS NOT JUST FOR STUDENTS! We keep telling people that the leagues are open to everyone... you just need to want to come have fun! Some very successful teams come from groups of friends who had fun while at uni... but now hanker after the excitment of a blustery night of competition at Pontypool... or Ackers... or Brentwood... in fact at one of many dry slope we use from year to year.

Why not give it a go this season?...

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